Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Long Past Due!

I realize it has been a while since the last post. What all has happened? Christmas, Packing, Moving, Baby Shower x2, Unpacking, Cleaning galore, Doctors Appointments, and Life. Not too much (HA!).

Todd and I got to spend our 1st Christmas together, and it was fun, but hectic. Christmas isn't the same when you only have 2 days to celebrate due to work and travel. But, we managed to make it to my family's for Christmas weekend, and Todd's family's on New Years weekend for Christmas. It was fun and as much as I will miss being in Owensboro for Christmas, I have to honestly say that it will be nice to start our family Christmas at our house and have Grandparents travel to us!

Once the two weeks of Christmas travel was over, we were able to spend one weekend in Birmingham, where we thoroughly enjoyed winning the National Championship (Roll Tide), before venturing back to Kentucky for baby shower number 1. The shower went great and I cannot thank everyone enough for overflowing our baby with so many nice things! He has clothes and toys and ointments, Oh My!

The next weekend was moving weekend. I don't remember if I got to write about how we finally got the house we wanted, but we did, and quickly! My family ventured down to Birmingham to help pack, clean, move, unpack, etc. It was crazy and hectic and there was way too much going on, especially since I wasn't able to help do much! Dad had his to-do list that kept him more than busy. Thanks to Dad for being the handy-man for the entire family since we all seem to keep marrying men that don't know how to do anything involving a toolbox! Haha! The Sunday of moving weekend was Baby shower number 2. My Nonnie, Aunt Cheryl, cousin Meghan and her baby girl, Amelia, were able to come down to see the new house before the shower. That was exciting because we don't get to see each other often, and I was glad that they were able to see where Todd and I would now be raising Rhodes. Anyway, this baby shower was small and fun! My closest friends and I got to celebrate the baby, and of course, he got so many other great things! He is already spoiled rotten by everyone around :)

Once the last weekend of January rolled around, Todd and I were beyond happy to be finished moving and finished traveling. It seemed like we had been on the go for months, and were thrilled to be able to enjoy our new home and get things ready for the baby, and relax (yeah right)! On Super Bowl weekend, we were able to have our first get-together in our new home. Were so glad to have a place for our friends to gather and enjoy each others company. The loft wasn't big enough for the two of us, so to now have a home where we can have 20 friends over and still have room to move is fantastic! Our party went really well, and we were glad to show off our new house- that seemed to get lots of good reviews, which made us proud!

As far as the baby, everything is going great! He is measuring 3 days ahead according to our ultrasound at 35 weeks, and is perfectly healthy. We are now exactly a week away from due day, and are excited to meet our little boy any day now! Its completely a waiting game, which I'm not good at, but there is no determining his arrival, as its all on his (and Gods) timing. However, Todd has given him the thumbs up to come at the end of this week, so we shall see! I'm so thankful how perfect this pregnancy has gone. We haven't had any complications with me or baby. I haven't been sick, hormonal, or in any pain, and Rhodes hasn't had any problems, off heartbeats, or too slow or fast measurements! God has really made this such an amazing experience and I couldn't ask for it to have gone any better. Now, were praying that delivery goes just as smoothly and complication free! I'm asking for everyones thoughts and prayers as this journey is coming to a close and a new journey begins. Be looking for the arrival announcement of Bradley Rhodes Richardson, as it could be coming tonight, this weekend, or next week (hopefully not that long!).

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